Hopefully if you are following along with this blog you are interested in the question what exactly is a stash? I am not referring to the facial hair of a 70’s or 80’s television actor 😊. Besides we aren’t old enough to know who those would be (are we? I definitely am, but please don’t tell anyone).

A stash is a supply of something or shall we say a large acquisition of a particular item. Apparently, it is usually kept secret but mine is displayed for all to see. In my case, it is yarn. Fabric too but since we are talking about weaving today that stash doesn’t count! Every weaver I know has a stash. Every quilter, knitter, crocheter, cross-stitcher and spinner has a stash. Every squirrel… but I digress.

A stash is very easy to assemble.

Step 1. Walk into a yarn shop or browse the many sellers online.

Step 2. Get out your plastic money of choice.

Step 3. Bam! Stash acquired.

You see yarn is eye candy, more expensive than candy but less fattening. Yet just as pleasing to the eye and the soul. When you find a gorgeous skein of yarn you just have to have it except that you rarely have a purpose for it at that moment other than to make yourself feel good whenever you see it. But because you don’t have a specific use for it you just buy one (remember I said it was expensive!). Once you finally have the perfect project in mind (guess what comes next?) that’s right, you don’t have enough of that yarn! So you buy some more to go with it and any leftovers join the rest of the stash.

Soon your stash is big enough to share with all of the other weavers in Ontario. I might be exaggerating slightly here but you get my drift. Eventually your other half says something to the effect of “MORE yarn??? But don’t you have a whole room of it already?” And thus begins the “bust” part.

Stash busting is a time-honored tradition among weavers not only in Canada but around the world. If there is a stash, there has been an attempt to bust it. Scarf of many colours? Likely a stash busting exercise. Tea towels with a white base and every single towel is the same pattern but a different colour? Yup, another stash buster.

But then what? What happens after the stash has been busted? The weaver looks at their emptying shelves and wonders if they have enough yarn for the next project, or enough to give themselves a good colour range or choice. And then the cycle starts all over again. Though they ship anywhere I am lucky that the fabulous yarn shop https://www.camillavalleyfarm.com/ is near me in Orangeville Ontario. Speaking of, excuse me while I just finish ordering this cone of yarn….