I’m looking around me, I’m sure we all do that. But do you really look?

Closely I mean. Look at the textures, the colors, the organic shapes.

I was lucky when I first thought about this. Lucky to have missed a late spring snowstorm for the blistering heat of a Costa Rican day. Sunscreen, hat, shady spot in place. Above me was a jagged edge of a dried palm sunshade. Up top in its supports sat a mama bird protecting her nest. Over the next three days she only left when her partner came to provide respite. But around me were beautiful flowers fringed with tiny tendrils. Rivulets in the sand were made by flowing water and hairy coconuts and scaly iguanas rounded out the day. But it is easy to look without really seeing. Now that it is summer, take a moment outside and take a look around you. Really look! You might be surprised at what you find.