Colour is life! To borrow slightly from Danny Rosas, the effervescent footballer from Ted Lasso. If you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend. Anyway for me this is true.

While in Costa Rica recently I took note of some beautiful colour combinations. At one point my husband asked me if I had noticed a particularly colourful hedge ringing the walkways. I realized that I had, that I always do. Be at the sky in the sand, the variety of greens and the palm leaves, the soft butter yellow of the balconies and the brilliant turquoise of the pool. But by far my favourite combo was the brilliant rainbow of the toucan beak we saw at the local animal rehab center. Nature is a wondrous thing. I am just starting on a natural dye course and I know the rest of the summer will be filled with beautiful and hopefully some unexpected colour combinations. Please follow along on Instagram!