Those of you who are of a similar vintage might now be humming a similar sounding Phil Collins tune.

Sorry for the earworm. Everyone else will have no idea what I am talking about. But the good news is my studio is almost up and running!

About time you might say! I did have a studio in the basement which I shared with the laundry room. Dreams being what they are, the Mister and I set about designing a dream garage/weaving studio/wood workshop. Concrete prices being what they are, we have scaled back and now my studio occupies a large portion of the finished basement. Ah well there is always the lotto. But on the upside the laundry and I are no longer cohabitating. New flooring in is, (though alas, no heated floors), walls are painted – but I decided I don’t like the colour, so walls are being painted again – the fireplace surround is finished, and the build-ins are coming along. The Billy bookcases are starting to look less “Ikea” thanks to a handy hubby and brand new, bright lights now shine down upon me. All is right in the studio.

It is time to roll out the dust collecting wool carpet that I can’t live without and start weaving. It is really rather amazing how little time it takes to clutter up a space. While I was waiting for the build-ins (the Mister does have a full-time job after all) I had to put everything somewhere. So, it ended up on my sewing table. So clearly not a lot of sewing is happening right now. But hopefully I will be fully functioning by March. And yes, you read that correctly, I have my own fireplace! Perhaps no one will notice if I just take down a book and a bottle of wine….