Now you might think that if creativity has already struck, why do I need any steps at all? Well, if you are like many people you might not even have recognized it. I see it everywhere and, in most people, but they just don’t recognize it in themselves. We tend to assume that creativity only exists in “creative types” as I have heard people described or in artists or visionaries.

Yet, creativity comes in many forms. Perhaps you are an amazing cook and your family often oohs and ahhs. Or you wrap the prettiest Christmas gifts or write the absolute best lines in the office birthday cards. These my friends, are signs of creativity. So, what should you do?

  1. Write it down! Oh my gosh yes. It’s nice to keep a record of your creativity for posterity. Really it is just to remind yourself that it happened. And if you are of a certain age you don’t want to forget what it was…
  2. Plan! Personally, I plan as may projects as possible based on creativity sparks. Of course, it is always more than I can accomplish, but I guess it’s nice to have choices.
  3. Celebrate it! You are a creative soul! I don’t mean have a party (though any excuse as they say) but be proud. Share your pride with friends who will appreciate it. Post it on social media.
  4. Believe in yourself. Because as we all know there are plenty of people who will be happy to do our doubting for us.
  5. Keep an inspiration diary or board. Use it to post your best recipes or pictures of your most lovely wrapped gifts, best photos etc. Again, this a reminder and a celebration of you and your creativity. You really do have some!

And remember: Keep calm and creatively continue on.