Sometimes it’s hard to find ideas to give someone you love especially right now when it’s difficult to do shopping. Online shopping has exploded understandably. Here’s some ideas in case you’re still looking for a gift idea.

One of a Kind Gifts for Anyone

Kitchen towels:

Everyone does some dishes. It’s hard to believe but not everyone has a dishwasher, and even those that do have to wash and dry some things by hand. I think we’ve all had dish towels that weren’t particularly absorbent. Handwoven dish or tea towels to the rescue! A handwoven towel is 100% cotton, come in a beautiful range of colors, are generally made with thicker yarn then you would find in a commercial towel and are therefore very absorbent. All my towels are machine washed and dried prior to selling so that you know it won’t shrink or come out funny the first time you use it. And best of all they are affordable. They make a fabulous gift for a hostess, teacher, neighbour, housewarming, and are suitable for all ages and genders.

Handwoven scarf

This is a lovely gift for mom, sister, aunt or yourself! They look great on a sweater, a blouse an open neck or tucked under your coat to keep you warm. Each one is unique. Some are joined in a circle or infinity scarf and some are not so that you can wear them in any way that suits you best. They come in a variety of colours and patterns. All my  handmade scarves are washed and dried prior to selling so that You know how to handle it once you get it.

Silk scarves

Just like hand woven scarves they’re perfect for indoors or out they make a lovely gift and come in a variety of colour ranges. Each one is unique. Their light as a feather so perfect for older folks who don’t want something heavy around their neck. They tuck easily under a coat or raincoat. Perfect for Grandma to wear under her coat you to wear over a blouse for your next zoom meeting.

Please feel free to contact me directly for custom work.