SO……. Crazy time. I don’t need to tell you. Am I right?! 

I know we are all self-isolating as much as possible. The past few weeks I have felt very unproductive. Very. And as I follow my maker friends online, I see that while some are enjoying the solitude and work time others are feeling quite a bit like me.

This morning I had a shower. Not normally something to shout from the rooftops but there is a pandemic going on. Don’t judge me. Anyway I washed my hair – again, less judging please.  Here is the best part. When I emerged from my shower my husband said, “There is my beautiful wife!”. I must point out that I was fully clothed. In case you haven’t yet gotten the picture, sweatpants count as clothes. But I instantly understood what he was saying. And clearly it wasn’t, “Wow you can really rock those grey sweats!”. No, my friends. He was saying “wow you ACTUALLY washed AND blow dried your hair!”. And that was the moment I knew that I had to pick up my game. Shower. Actually put real clothes on in the morning. Blow dry my hair. Not just for my equally isolated housemates. I mean they do have to look at me. But for myself. For my mood and my own self esteem.

So here I sit. Washed, dressed, hair pouffy, writing a blog post. Something I have been putting off because I didn’t have positive things to write. And the next step is heading to the studio. Not quite to work but to tidy, clean, purge etc. Some of you might now that I have a new home studio and it is almost finished. It still needs some trim – our trim place is currently closed, and some more paint because I have changed my mind about the original colour. Ikea is closed so I can’t yet buy the last few bookcases that I need but it is coming together! And then by the end of the week, actual working in my studio. Real work. Creative work. But until then here are some things I am grateful for:

  • I picked an awesome time to let my grey grow in!
  • We are all home and healthy.
  • They dog is happy to be getting some extra human time.
  • I own 1 Costco package of toilet paper which contains 40 rolls so we should be good for a while.


Perhaps you also have a list of things you are grateful for. If not, you might think about making one. Stay healthy everyone!