If you have read my previous blog, you will know that we all have creativity within us. We just have to let it out. In a previous life I was a registered Interior Designer. I went to design school and had my own design business. I enjoyed being able to see the finished rooms in my head. The best moment for me was seeing it come together at the end just as I had imagined.

In my weaving life I am often the opposite. I love seeing how the colours combine with the pattern on the loom as I am weaving it, and I often love the surprises. Some weavers will only weave if they know exactly how everything will work out. We each just have a different viewpoint. I usually have several combinations lined up ready to go. Sometimes I change my mind before ever weaving them but it’s nice to have options.

What I find most challenging are fitting in all of the other creative things that I want to try. Not knitting though. I have tried knitting about 5 different times during my life. It doesn’t agree with me. But I am interested in photography, painting, encaustics, pottery, singing, baking and cooking. In fact, it is a rare day that I will make a recipe exactly as written. I like to think of them as suggestions. Sometimes I combine my creative pursuits. I am currently preparing for my grade 9 Royal Conservatory vocal exams. So, I sing while cooking. The dog also joins in though and she is LOUD so I tend to get drowned out. I recently tried encaustic painting. So much fun! I am still trying to figure out how to use up my handwoven scraps in with the wax…. Photography is a particular joy of mine. I like to pretend that I am really good at it and take black and white architectural or textural (i.e. moody) shots. Then I play with them on Instagram. Isn’t that what Instagram is for? Some people will tell you it really isn’t. That photoshop or some other program is what you need but since I don’t even understand f-stop and aperture, I will just stick to my iPhone insta shots. Feel free to check them out on my Instagram @weaverbee. See they aren’t so bad right? Please don’t tell me what you really think 😉