Welcome to my blog!
I hope that I can shed a bit of light on the life of a weaver/dyer in Canada.

I have been weaving for a long time. I am a veteran, and when I tell people that I have been weaving for 30 years they always seem very impressed.

I just feel like it makes me sound old. (I think that they think I must be old too). But the truth is I started young! Really. I was a child! Not really, but I was just out of university. I used to go to guild meetings and conferences and would most definitely bring the average age down. Waaaaaay down. Now I am pleased to say that there are many more weavers younger than I am. And I am pleased that there are so many weavers that want to mentor them or teach them to weave. I am happy to help or provide information where I can, but I am not really a teacher. It’s just not my forte. (Hey, you have to know where your strengths lie.) I feel like there is still so much I can learn myself. So much I want to learn and experiment with.

My favourite thing is to experiment with colour. I love to see how patterns are affected by using different colours in combination. I am currently planning a piece of yardage, approximately 27 inches wide by 5 yards long. It is for the yardage exhibit at Convergence, the bi-annual conference of the Handweavers Guild of America. Its final fate is yet to be determined. But hopefully I can make it into a garment later on. So many possibilities!! As my son told me, “just put on some music and do it”. So here I go….please join me.