Creativity is a funny thing. In a recent zoom call someone asked where we found creativity in our lives outside of our weaving. Think about that for a minute dear reader. Was it tricky to find an answer? I have to admit that it was not difficult for me to answer but the answer actually surprised me. It is, to quote one of my favourite Parks and Recreation characters, “Literally” everywhere. As a child I sang myself to sleep, performed plays in the back yard and had a wild imagination. In school, I did drama, music and art. There were a few other subjects too, but I digress. I lived for band, choir and school plays when I was in high school. I will gloss over university (but there was art history!) and the I jumped into design school and a career in interior design. Weaving has been in my life since just after university. I used to make up songs for my son and voices for all of the Thomas the Tank Engine characters. I still sing, met my husband doing community theatre and have tried almost every craft and artform you can think of at some point or other. I love to bake, and I have hardly ever in my life made a recipe exactly as written. Some people have actually criticized this last one, but I think it shows the continual thread of creativity in my life.

And the scary part is I have also realized that I don’t enjoy the weaving as much as I do the designing. I love grabbing a bunch of colours and deciding what my next combo is going to look like. The weaving is just so repetitious sometimes. I mentioned this to my sister who is a wonderful artist and she laughed because she feels the same way. I took an informal poll of my weaving friends and guess what? They also prefer the creative planning part. So I am sitting here with yarn and coloured pencils and paper for planning!

Ontario is beautiful this time of year. The leaves are changing and the colour inspiration is everywhere. I hope that it is wherever you are too.