Are you tired of that phrase yet? It has been 4 months after all. Some of us are tired of isolation and lack of activity and some of us are glad the world finally slowed down to our comfortable pace. Either way you look at it, we still have some time to go in this pandemic. So what have you been up to?

I am pleased to have discovered the plethora of online options to keep busy during covid-19. There are Bhangra dance classes from the Yukon with Gurdeep Pandher, Zumba, Yoga with Adriene from Texas on YouTube, and free classes from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. I have learned about cooking Indian food, making my own cheese, photography, woodworking, and the art of creativity. I have participated in lectures about May Morris, the Group of Seven, sales techniques, science, advertising and creative journeys. I have listened to podcasts about sewing, marketing, history of fashion, American history, science and nutrition. I have joined an online creative weaving journey group and agreed to participate in a group studying natural dye techniques. I have gotten pretty good at Instagram and am learning about posting on Pinterest. And like everyone else I have baked bread and made my own clotted cream.

I have set up my studio, finished weaving 7 tea towels, made 5 hospital gowns and over 200 masks because our area of Ontario is under a mandatory mask order. I have had virtual hangouts with friends near and far and participated in virtual meetings with members of my weaving guild. And yet every day I wonder what I accomplished, especially since the day almost never seems to get rolling until mid-day.

You might have noticed in my lists that very little weaving was mentioned. Covid-19 has shown me that there is so much out there to distract myself with. And that is not always a bad thing.