The Facemask. Aka: Face Covering. Everyone’s new fashion accessory. In these Covid-19 days it is important to stay safe and keep others safe. According to the latest science our best defense is to wear a facemask. If you live in Canada as I do, specifically parts of Ontario, masks are mandatory in any public establishment and on public transit. Perhaps you are like me and have been making dozens. Perhaps you either don’t know how to, don’t have a sewing machine, or don’t care to sew. I thought that I might give a little primer on what to look for in your new reusable facemask in case you are buying one or perhaps looking to create your own.

First pick something fun to wear. I mean, why not? I have had many requests for basic black or something dark, but hey, it’s summer. Let’s lighten it up a bit. But of course that is up to you, choose a colour that you would feel comfortable wearing. The worse kind of mask is the one you don’t actually wear.

Next, Check out the top. Is there a nose wire? This will allow you to pinch the wire to fit your nose creating a better fit which in my experience means that it doesn’t move around as much when you talk. Here I used a chenille stick in a matching colour – Too bad no one will ever see it!

Check out the seams. Does it seem reinforced where the elastic is attached? I reinforce all of these areas. A mask with one ear loop hanging loose is also a mask that you won’t wear.

Check out the inside area. Is there an opening? It is where the ends were joined together but also allows for the insertion of an additional filter if you choose (Be sure to remove this filter for washing).

Wash your mask! I wash after wearing. I soak them in the sink with hot water and soap. I either hang to dry, use the dryer on low or hang on the laundry line in the sun. After a while, a hot dryer will erode the elastic, so I avoid that.

Finally, wear your mask! Be proud that you created something beautiful yourself or helped to support a small business. Stay safe everyone!