No, not as in money although that might be a good lesson for another day! I mean value as in colour.

Value is actually in reference to the lightness or darkness of a colour and how closely related it is to white or black. In weaving, we often look at colour from the point of view of how it will look with other hues in combination. But we don’t always look at value (closer to white or black) or the depth of colour which is also called saturation (the amount of grey). Sometimes the value can be a bit deceiving. Take for example the photo of the pink and orange cones of yarn. They appear to be similar in brightness. They would probably make a great foil for each other, blending well and creating a nicely balanced visual. There is strong colour there!

The blue cone of yarn and the pink cone behind appear very light. They would provide a nice contrast in value for the orange and fuchsia with light blue and pink being on the light side and the orange and fuchsia being on the darker side. Or will they? Clearly not or I wouldn’t be using them as an example. (Or would I? No. I wouldn’t!) So let’s take a look at a black and white picture and see how the value stands out.

The orange was deceptive. It is actually almost the same value as the light pink and blue. This means that in combination with the fuchsia it will not be able to hold its own. I will either need to use more of the orange to balance it out or choose another colour. That is if I want a completely balance colour palate. If I wish for the stronger fuchsia to be dominant, then I have the correct combo. The trick is in knowing what you wish to achieve from a colour point of view. There are no wrong answers. But there can be more correct answers depending on what your goals are. You more than likely have a smart phone dear Readers. If so, play around with the colour vs black and white photos a bit to see what I mean. It is an interesting exercise!

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